Bagan Lalang Beach – The Great and the Ugly

Located within Selangor and close enough to Kuala Lumpur, Bagan Lalang Beach is perfect for a quick place to relax and chill by the beachside. Quiet, peaceful and breezy, Bagan Lalang Beach is highly recommended if you want to enjoy a quick moment of calm away from chaotic Kuala Lumpur.

Stupid and I were passing through from having the fluffiest Apam Balik from Tanjung Sepat and we thought to stop by the beach. Stupid is addicted to beaches.

Bagan Lalang beach was on the way home anyway. So why not right? It is a 20km away drive from Lorong 4 Tanjung Sepat. The road there is mostly one lane. Being annoying KLites, we prayed we wouldn’t be stuck behind a huge, heavy and slow lorry. Of course, we got stuck behind at least THREE on the way to Bagan Lalang Beach.

That slowed us down. Sensing boredom looming, I professionally entertained Stupid with my sweet melodic voice. I kid, I didn’t care what my voice sounded like. I’m a girl and Stupid was stuck with me for the next hour; he had no choice but to listen to my karaoke session.

It’s been a few years since I last went to Bagan Lalang Beach. Here’s an honest review on what I think of it now.


The really great things about Bagan Lalang Beach.

Malaysia’s beaches are mostly blessed with soft, almost-white sand and Bagan Lalang is one of them.

Scenery-wise, the beach itself doesn’t offer much. The waters are murky and almost grey-like. However, the sand is soft and easy to walk on. When the water recedes from the tide, a million tiny, cute crabs will emerge to feed. I’ve seen children go wild (and one adult, ahem, me) chasing the quick, scurrying crabs.

Although the waters are far from the clear pristine blue we all want, it’s passable. Understandably, it’s hard for the waters on Malaysia’s west coast to be clean and clear since it is a busy waterway with cargo ships passing through the Malacca Straits almost constantly.

Bagan Lalang Beach Alicia Chrissy

However, the road leading Bagan Lalang Beach has the most scenic view of the sea. There’s just something magical and calming about driving by the coast that I truly enjoy. Despite being a short teaser to the beach view, it was enough. I wouldn’t mind driving back and forth just for that view.

Bagan Lalang beach also has chairs and gazebos erected for anyone to chill in. I think that’s great especially if you’re like me who’s passing by for a quick visit. For a small beach, Bagan Lalang also has an entire food area and public rest room. For a very small fee, you get a very clean toilet albeit wet.

I think that’s a win for a beach that’s not that big and as popular as Port Dickson or Morib.

Bagan Lalang Beach gazebo place to rest


Now for the very ugly side.

Unfortunately, the place is getting incredibly dirty from the last time I was here. Bottles, paper and general waste littered the beach. It was disappointing. I couldn’t have peace of mind walking barefoot on the sand because you wouldn’t know what you’d be stepping in. Soiled diaper, anyone?

Bagan Lalang Beach Dirty

I’m not a frequent visitor to the beach, so I can’t say if I just happen to be there after a big party. Maybe the place is usually clean. After all, I did see cleaners sweeping up the wastes on the sidewalk.

So, has anyone been to Bagan Lalang beach more than once and what do you think of it, cleanliness-wise?


Final thoughts.

I’d definitely come back to Bagan Lalang beach if I’m passing through again. It’s chilled and relaxed and I’d have a lot of alone time. But I would not go back just for the beach alone because just a few kilometres away is Morib beach which is bigger and has a better view.

Bagan Lalang Beach View

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