A Weekend in Segamat, Johor

It was like the beginning of every horror movie. We were just one car driving through a lonely and unlit single lane road. It was raining heavily and the sun was setting fast! Segamat was still 90km away and the nearest town was a long 20km more. The Waze map showed there were no other roads but the one we were on. We were freaked.

It was a Friday night when we left Kuala Lumpur for Segamat. Stupid wanted to reconnect with an old friend and give ourselves a break from KL. Also, we heard rumours of the most amazing durian available in Johor. So, we had to go.


How to scare yourself all the way to Segamat

We exited Selangor through LEKAS because Stupid insisted we “needed” to use that highway. He was right, because this route has one of the most scenic views. We passed through rolls of hills and heavy clouds touching the tips, thanks to the constant rain. There weren’t as many cars as well.

It was a pleasant drive until the sun began to set.

Then we realised that we were alone. The randomly lit roads became bumpy with sharp corners. We began feeling a little uneasy as we drove through thick palm oil and rubber tree plantations. Paranoia was setting in as we thought of everything that could go wrong on the road. We joked that at least the car had no backseats, so we wouldn’t need to worry about “uninvited passengers”.

But paranoia aside, we got to Segamat safely, although for peace of mind, we decided we’d only use that road during the day time.


That time Malaysia was cool

It was my first time in Segamat and only my second time in Johor. Truth is, I don’t know much about Johor except that the state is only a few meters away from Singapore and that they have the most badass football team in Malaysia.

It rained the entire time we were at Segamat. The unusually low temperatures made Segamat extremely enjoyable. I refused to wear thicker clothing because how often does the temperature in Malaysia dip to 23’C during the daytime? Weather like this needs to be enjoyed with deliciously “heaty” durian.

My first impression of Segamat is that everything seems so spread apart. We needed to travel through plantations to get around. That’s something I wasn’t used to because everything in Kuala Lumpur is compact and cramp. I really enjoyed the scenery, the green was endless. It was peaceful.

Stupid’s friend brought us around the entire trip, so I’m not really sure where were at most of the time except that every place he brought us to were great.

The food was simple and delicious. I really enjoyed the hot curry puffs from Nanyang Kopitiam. It was loaded with potatoes.

Opposite, there’s also another kopitiam that sells noodles and toast bread. It brought back memories of Taiping.

But now it also brings back memories of the time I almost lost Stupid’s Jeep pouch. In it are his phone and wallet. He usually stashes it in my bag because it’s bigger and he thinks I am the stronger one between us.

I was sitting down when the overloaded bag dropped from my lap. Annoyed, I reached down without looking and picked the bag up, not realising the pouch had slipped out and was now under the table. After picking the bag up, I plonked it on Stupid’s lap and continued eating.

It was almost 20 minutes when Stupid said he wanted to use the washroom and passed me my bag. I noticed the bag was much lighter. Anyway, I ignored the feeling and continued eating. And then I kicked something squishy under the table. I looked down, and there it was, the pouch!

I quickly picked the pouch up and looked behind me. Stupid still wasn’t back from the washroom. I sighed in relieve, I was safe.

He still doesn’t know what happened. He probably might after this because he reads my blog but I’m about 25 km away from him. So, I’ll be safe for now.

Segamat Johor Alicia Chrissy


Was the durian worth it?

Before we headed home, Stupid’s friend gave us a whole basket of durian. The durian was one of the best that I’ve had in a very, very long time. Thick, creamy and fleshy, (*ahem* I’m not describing a penis) the aroma of the durian was sweet and inviting. My parents ate an entire durian on their own, although I don’t know how they managed to open the thick and thorny durian shell from scratch with only a butter knife.

And with that, I end my Segamat trip a satisfied woman.

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